There's an absolute beauty in the ordinary, something we don't notice until we actually stop and look. A harmony of events and occurrences that are ignored until they are called into being by our conscience.  

When we do sense that which is beautiful, it becomes an awakening...the consciousness of being.

Latest Image

clare glens

4x5 glass plate orotone,
Fomapan 100, 2 sec, f45, 0.3 Stop ND Grad
Peter O'Donnell, 2019
Orotone, Peter O'Donnell, 2019. Clare Glens


Hand-crafted on glass the orotone elevates the traditional two-dimensional image to a higher plane. The beautiful depth is intensified by the iridescent radiance of the orotone transforming the rendered subject into something quite ethereal. 

salt prints

Often considered the poor relation in the photography family, salt prints are beautiffuly honest images. Printed on cotton-rag paper, the salt print portrays the very essence of photography itself.

All salt prints and orotone plates are contact printed from the original photographic negative.

original handcrafted images

My work over the past few years has been focused on capturing the beauty that exists in the ordinary around us. Using traditional photographic methods has allowed me to realise my vision as a photographer and in a way, become the driving force for my work.

The real craft of photography is very much hands-on. Taking a week to create a single image is not time wasted, but something that reinforces the true value of the beauty that surrounds us all.


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